To download the App, please follow the instructions below.  NOTE: To Apple IPhone users, the App is not available currently but will be soon.  I will send out an email on when it is ready.  

1. Go to your Google Play Store on your mobile device.

2. Once you get into Google Play Store, do a search for AHCBSA (no spaces, exactly as you see it here)
NOTE: This is the icon you should see when do have a search result.  

3. One you see the icon, click on it to install on your mobile device.  Once installed you will be able to open it.  The image below is what you should see once the App is loaded. 
LAST NOTE: Once you see the loaded AHC App, click on Notification Center (Button w/Bell Icon). Once you open Notification Center, slide over the AHC Information button to On (It is currently Off).  Once turned On, it will turn blue from gray.  Click on the Save button at the top to save the settings. NOTE: Please leave Test off.  This will allow you to receive instant push notifications of upcoming events, news, and happenings all right on your mobile device.
4. If I am having issues, what do I do?  If you are having issues such as your AHC App not loading correctly or just spinning to load, you may have too many programs (i.e. games) running on your device.  You may have to delete unnecessary Apps on your mobile device.  Another issue is not finding the App.  Please make sure you search AHCBSA (don't use spaces) on Google Play.  At this time, Iphone is not supported.