Fund your Scouting Year

As the new school year is already fast approaching it is time to start planning the Scouting year! In order for many of our units to do all of the great Scouting activities throughout the year, fundraising is essential. As a council we support our units by hosting our popcorn sale.There have been some major changes to the popcorn program this year, namely we are using a new vendor...Camp Masters Popcorn! One of the great changes is that TINS are returning. All of the items except for the microwave products and popping corn will come in collectible tins! 


As part of the commission structure and also to entire units to do Show-n-Sell / Show-n-Deliver we are requiring every unit to fill out their "Unit Popcorn Plan", Unit Popcorn Goal and Yearly Budget. We know that units that take the time to put a plan in place and come up with a budget are more likely to deliver a better Scouting program and also fund their adventures with the popcorn sale.