This trail can be covered in several ways – by automobile or bicycle along route 394 from Westfield to Mayville, or by hiking the Upper Trail or Creek Trail as shown on the maps, after visiting historic sites in Westfield.

From Barcelona to Lake Chautauqua, the trail, including all historic places, is 11 ½ miles by highway 12 ½ miles by Upper Hiking Trail and 12 ½ miles by creek and trolley beds.

Hundreds of different trees, plants, flowers, birds, animals, fish, fossil rocks, geologic formations, and waterfalls can be seen along the several historic sites and beautiful views.  It also follows within 500 feet of the original Portage Trail all the way.  Six to eight hours should be allowed to leisurely hike the trail.  It can be covered in four hours by experienced hikers.  Waterproof hiking boots should be used with an extra pair of socks.

The Trail should be taken from North to South for authenticity, but it can be covered in either direction.  The elevation at Lake Erie is 570 feet; the highest point along the Trail is 1400 feet; elevation at Lake Chautauqua is 1310 feet.

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