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Dr. Mary Hamilton and Mrs. Thongjun Scanlon hold the tree planted in honor of Scouting and in memory of Tom Scanlon. Mr. Scanlon’s son James is second from right, surrounded by some of the Scouts present for the planting ceremony.

Scouts past and present turned out today for a memorial tree planting ceremony in Franchot Park, in honor of Scouting in Olean and in memory of former Scoutmaster Thomas C. Scanlon III. Mr. Scanlon had served for decades as Scoutmaster of Scouts BSA Troop 617 and Troop 621, both in Olean. He passed away on March 25, 2018.

“An American Elm, Patriot Variety has been planted in Franchot Park in memory of Thomas Scanlon and in honor of Olean Boy Scouts Troops 617 and 621, who have been supportive of the Olean Franchot Park’s Children’s Memorial Garden and annual Children’s Day events since their beginning more than 23 years ago,” said Kathy Boser, who served as the event organizer. “The American Elm was chosen as it symbolizes strength, and many Americans consider this specific tree as a symbol of our country.”

The tree was situated so that it will, at its maturity, overlook the Children’s Garden, which is maintained by the Noah David Boser Children’s Memorial Events Committee. Each year in June, a remembrance ceremony is held on the site of the Children’s Garden, which has been part of at least one Olean Scout’s Eagle Service project and the site for numerous flag ceremonies led by Olean Scouts.

Mr. Scanlon’s widow, Mrs. Thongjun Scanlon; son, James Scanlon; and aunt, Dr. Mary Hamilton, were among those present for the ceremony, along with current Scouts, a former Eagle Scout and current adult leadership from Troop 621, who helped in the planting under the direction of City of Olean forester Sue Cooper.