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2023 Popcorn Program
Our Trails-End Popcorn Fundraiser is now live, and it is looking to be a great year! Questions? Reach out to and we'll do our best to help. 

Show & Sell 
June 22nd - Units May Place Show & Sell Orders 
July 5th - Show & Sell Orders Due

July 21st-22nd - Show & Sell Distribution to Units

Take Orders
Nov 3rd - All Take Orders must be submitted to Council
Nov 17th-18th - Take Order Fulfillme
nt to Units
Nov 29th - All Payments Due to Counc
il Office

Nov 29th - Units Place their own prize orders!​

Scout Family

Order Form

Trails End
Reward Sheet

Trails End
Scout/Parent Guide

Unit Leader

Trails End
App Guide

Trails End
Allergen Info

Popcorn Chair Guide

Storefront Booking Guide

Popcorn Chair
Placing Order Guide

Council Popcorn Contact:
Paula Pattison

  • What does "Show & Sell" Mean?
    "Show & Sell" is any type of popcorn sale where the Scout has the popcorn with them in hand, and the transaction is completed all at once. "Show & Sell" is the opposite of "Take Order" where the Scout takes an order, and then comes back with product at a later date. A "Show & Sell" can be a wagon sale, where a Scout goes around the neighborhood selling popcorn that he or she has with them, or it can be a "Storefront" where Scouts sell Popcorn from a fixed location, such as a grocery store. There are many advantages to Show & Sell over Take Order. The entire transaction is done at once, which means the sale is made, the product is selected, the product is paid for, and the buyer is given the product immediately. Take Order often involves multiple steps to get the order, collect the money, and then come back at a later date to give the actual product.
  • If a customer wants to pay with a check, who should they make it out to?
    If a customer wishes to pay via personal check, please have the check made payable to your unit (Pack/ Troop). Your unit will then deposit the check into its bank account.
  • What are the dates of the 2023 Popcorn Sale?
    IMPORTANT DATES Show & Sell June 16th - Units May Place Show & Sell Orders July 5th - Show & Sell Orders Due July 21st-22nd - Show & Sell Distribution to Units Take Orders Nov 3rd - All Take Orders must be submitted to Council Nov 17th-18th - Take Order Fulfillment to Units Nov 19th - POPCORN SALE ENDS Nov 29th - All Payments Due to Council Office Nov 29th - Units Place their own prize orders!​
  • What are the different flavors of popcorn?
    The 2023 Product Offerings can be found here:
  • What is a "Storefront" Sale?
    A "Storefront" is a type of "Show & Sell" sale where Scouts setup popcorn inventory in a fixed location, such as in front of a store, and sell popcorn to people as they walk by. These can be very effective, especially when the location is one with heavy foot traffic. Common sites for Storefront Sales are Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, and essentially anywhere with high foot traffic.
  • Do I HAVE to create a Trails End account for my Scout?
    Yes, Scouts must have a registered Trail’s End Scout Account to qualify for Trail’s End Rewards and redeem their gift card.
  • Marking an Order as Delivered/Undelivered
    When completing a sale using the Trail’s-End App, scouts will have the option to mark the sale as “delivered/ undelivered”. If your Scout sells to a customer via Take Order, you’ll want to urge this Scout to mark the customer as “undelivered”, collecting the customer’s information (address, phone, email) so they can deliver the product at a later date.
  • What is the Trails End Prize Structure?
  • Is payment required at the time of purchase for a "take order" sale?
    In the Trails-End mobile app, Scouts must complete the transaction by taking credit card or cash/ check. If payment isn’t collected at that time, a note should be made that this customer still owes. It is always best to collect payment up-front.
  • Does Each Scout in my Family need their own Trails End account?
    You will need to go through the registration process and create an account for each Scout. Each Scout needs their own Trail’s End account so their sales can be tracked individually in the Trail’s End system. Once the accounts have been created, the app allows you to easily toggle between multiple Scout accounts without having to sign in and out of each. Sign in with your first Scout’s account credentials, making sure “Remember Me” is NOT enabled. Once signed in, at the top of the screen, click the drop down arrow next to the Scout’s name and choose “Sign In…” Now, sign in with your next Scout’s account credentials. If you go back to the drop down menu at the top you should now see both Scouts listed. Repeat for any additional Scouts in your family. This will allow you to easily toggle back and forth between Trail’s End Scout accounts.
  • How do I share my Scout's online selling page?
    Once logged into the Scout account, there’s a ‘Share Your Page’ section in the upper left-hand corner of the dashboard. You can share your page via social media and email. Scouts can also share their page directly from the Trail’s End app by clicking the share icons at the bottom of the dashboard.
  • Can the same email account be used for multiple Trails End Accounts?
    Yes, the same email address can be used for multiple Trail’s End accounts, but the usernames must be unique
  • How does my Scout receive their Trails End Gift Card?
    After the popcorn sale concludes, and your unit’s popcorn sales submits each Scout’s sales total to Trail’s-End for review, Trail’s-End provided Amazon Gift Cards will be released to each Scout’s Trail’s-End Scout Account. After your Popcorn Kernel submits the Scouts sales totals, there is a 5-day processing window. After the 5-day processing window has ended, the Amazon gift card claim code will be available in the Trail’s-End mobile app or from a PC using a web browser.
  • What is the Trails End Bonus Club Prize Incentive?
    Bonus Club Prizes are incremental incentives that Scouts can earn by selling popcorn at different levels. These prizes are cumulative, meaning that if they were to sell 1,750 or 3,500 points, they would receive a prize from the lower bonus club levels.
  • What do I do if we have damaged or defective product?
    If your unit receives damaged/ defective product, we’ll be happy to exchange this product out for like product through the Council. To help facilitate this, please set this product aside, placing it into a bag keeping the popcorn from spilling out, and send an email to
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