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Eagle Scout Fund
at the Cattaraugus Region
Community Foundation

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The Eagle Scout Endowment is all about giving a helping hand to the kids in our community who want to join the Scouts. It's there to make sure every young person, regardless of their family's financial situation, can take part. Whether it's covering membership fees or helping out with the costs of training programs, this endowment ensures that no one misses out on the chance to be a part of something great. By breaking down these barriers, we're making sure that every kid who's keen to get involved can do just that, setting them up for a journey filled with learning, adventure, and making a positive impact in their community.

To support this fund, please click on the DONATE button above, use the QR Code, or send a contribution to ""Allegheny Highlands Council ATTN: Eagle Scout Fund, PO Box 261, 50 Hough Road. Falconer, NY 14733"

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