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Doug Cashing

Council Commissioner

NOTE: Recharter Instructions updated 10.31.23


Directions for the 2024 Internet Rechartering Process for Unit Key-3 (or Key-3 Delegate)


[Rechartering is available 90 days before current charter expires.]

Note: Correct phone numbers and email addresses are very important, but cannot be changed in
the rechartering process. Please do that through My.Scouting before rechartering!!


1. Collect and scan all needed documents:

a. Applications (completely filled out) for all new members
b. YPT, CBC authorizations, and PA clearances as needed
c. All documents (except applications) for any one individual should be bundled into a
single Zip folder


2. Open your internet browser and clear the cache.


3. Go to the web site and log in with your My.Scouting info


4. Take or Skip the Tour


5. Click on the Recharter button at the bottom of the left column.


6. Refresh frequently, and be patient after every change made.


7. The down-arrow beside the Unit Number in the gold bar in the top right tool bar will allow
changing units for those of you involved with more than one unit.


8. Manage Members link:

a. Add a new member, or create an invitation to a potential member (no one checked)
i. Be prepared to upload the fully complete and signed application
b. Mark a checked member as a multiple, or delete a checked member


9. Upload Documents link:

a. For YPT, CBC, and PA Clearances
b. Attach file of documents to checked individual (see item 1 above)
c. Only one upload per person – collect all such documents into a Zip folder


10. Pencil Icon (you might need to use the browser’s scaling feature to see it):

a. Allows you to change the person’s role in the unit


11. Scout Life magazine subscription:

a. Click the radio-button to change the subscription status
b. Only works in the Primary registration unit for those with multiple registrations


12. When everything is set, click the Validate Recharter and Pay button at the bottom right:

a. Choose Pay at Council
b. Click on Pay and Post
c. This is supposed to trigger a letter to the COR to be signed as approved.
d. Also get the hard-copy of the charter agreement signed, and return it to Council with
your payment.



13. Click on the Person Logo on the right in the top tool bar to get help or sign out.

a. If you need to interrupt the process, click the sign out link
b. You may start the program up again later – all previous work has been saved

If you have questions or encounter problems with this rechartering process, please contact Doug
Cashing by email at . Include a brief description of the issue, your phone number,
and times that you could take a call if needed. I’ll try to get you the information you need via return
email, but some problems might take a chat by phone.


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